Network in the area

In the coming years, various Italian areas will be affected by medium and long-term development programs, with incentives and tax breaks with aim to revive for the commercial and production activities in the area. We have combined our specific skills to offer a point of contact for the territory to companies who want to start or expand a business in these areas. Our consultancy service begin at the preliminary stages choosing the best investment opportunity through the identifying of local competitive advantages.We evaluate together the project feasibility on the basis of European, national and regional incentives. Once the company establishment is completed, the consultancy follows up the consolidation and management.


We study and analyze the favourable conditions for investments maintaining an updated archive of general opportunities such as specific and functional


Our mapping consists in the following areas

The infrastructures, with specific reference to port, airport, railway and road accessibility and the related works being carried out and under completion, those foreseen by the public work plans, recording the forecast of the works achievements and making sure that the common database is always updated with the works progression. In this context, the costs, including environmental costs (e.g. CO2 production), for the transfer of goods and products will be assessed and compared, in order to provide a benchmark to investors in order to evaluate the incidence of these costs, leading the assessments for the convenience of on-site transformations.

The industrial development areas (logistics), identifying, for each of them: the status of the administrative process (i.e., if the areas are already available or if the administrative procedure to make them so is still in progress); the characterisation; the already existing infrastructures (internal roads, sidewalks, parking lots, public lighting, sewer, water supply, electricity, computer network); those to be built and foreseeable planning; the presence of warehouses and offices already built; the timing required to obtain authorization for their construction; the ownership of the assets; the costs of the areas and those of the building facilities; urban planning costs; construction cost; types of contracts for the use; any involvement in insolvency procedure or for the settlements of assets, the related creditors and the current position of the administrative procedures.

The macro-economic and political scenarios such as the trade and investments growth in the Euro-Mediterranean areas and ports as part of the BRI (the Belt and Road Initiative) and the agreements signed between the different countries, as well as the development signs of trade to the Asian, African and American continent, the consequences of the doubling of the Suez Canal on trade to and from the East, the current configuration of the networks where Taranto is considered as a Core Port and port terminal for the fifth Scandinavian - Mediterranean corridor in connection with Malta.

Likewise, it will be necessary to monitor the European and National decisions of greatest interest concerning economic development, both regional and by type of production:

The archive of FINANCIAL and TAX INCENTIVES provided for at INTERNATIONAL, EU, national, regional and local levels, their accumulation and their specific aim and application, through the preparation of a chronology of the project phases and monitoring of the Bids announcements.

The detail of the administrative and bureaucratic SIMPLIFICATIONS identifying, for each procedure, the set of forms, the process, the timing, the necessary documents, the costs and professional and administrative charges and their deductibility.

The mapping of incentive relating to the employment and hiring of new workforce with continuous updating and monitoring of initiatives regarding professional training and the activities carried out by local manpower agencies.


The activities required for new establishments and investments consist of:


  • Feasibility analysis and the the preliminary project plan;
  • Establishment of the new company and fulfillment of all preparatory administrative formalities aimed at its activation;
  • Identification of the real estate suitable for the realization of the industrial initiative, supporting the integration of the company in the industrial context;
  • Drawing up of descriptive documents and applications intended for admission to financial incentives, applicable regulations;
  • Assistance for the verification of the administrative and urban planning requirements of the program and for the drawing up of the documentation necessary for the elaboration, presentation and evaluation of each project;
  • Submission of each application accompanied by the documentation required by law, since the management of the preliminary investigation until the final approval of the application;
  • Fulfilments for the provision of financial incentives;
  • Monitoring of program activities and drawing up of intermediate descriptive documents in support to the progress reports;
  • Report of the program and progress status;
  • Assistance for any changes to the program currently being reported;
  • Drawing up of the summary documents for the expenses in compliance with the procedures provided by the legislation implementing the tax incentive;
  • Assistance for any checks and verivications;
  • Management of coordination activities of the project partnership and of relations with the Ministry of Economic Development, Invitalia SpA, Mediocredito centrale SpA, Regions, European Commission and other implementing bodies identified by the selected facilitating measures, as well as promotion of the initiative at a local level and with institutional and economic stakeholders;
  • Assistance in identifying eligible expenses for determining tax incentives;
  • Elaboration and calculation of tax incentives relevant to company activities;
  • Drawing up of the summary documents of facilitated expenses in compliance with the procedures provided for by the legislation implementing the tax incentive;
  • Assistance in the selection and professional scouting of the staff, also through the organization and financing of specific training courses;
  • Verification and advisory of further initiatives and financial and / or tax breaks, suitable for supporting the development of the new industrial initiative.


The development of company establishments and the attractive investment policies will involve the promotion and development of public and private decision-making processes through the presentation of proposals, documents, analysis, studies, researches which trace, even in a declaratory way, the territorial situation for the activities of marketing and communication