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2SEA INVESTMENTS is a professional association aimed at encouraging, facilitating and assisting the launch of a new entrepreneurship, the expansion of an existing one and the eventual conversion in the context of the national area.

The Association acts as a point of contact for companies who want to start or expand an activity in the SEZ (Special Economic Zone) and FEZ (Free economic zone), proposing an articulated offer of information services and thesis support, especially at the preliminary phase of the investment decision, in order to identify local competitive advantages such as the territory, the project feasibility and the system of European, national and regional incentives and lead to the project feasibility.


Helping You reach your investment goals


  • In the study of project feasibility;
  • In the development and presentation of applications and projects, since the preliminary investigation until the end;
  • In monitoring program activities.


  • On tax incentives and financial benefits;
  • On the most suitable area for the establishment of the company;
  • On the regulations;
  • On our training courses to select and train the staff.


  • With the available companies network;
  • With institutions and public administrations;
  • With the credit institution affiliated with our association, willing to offer preferential conditions compared to the ordinary ones.


The 2S team consists of experts in the financial, urban planning and legal fields, who work together to give the investor the opportunity of a real competitive advantage, leading him in all investment phases.

Jerry Bishop

valerio lupo


Jerry Bishop

Fabio Rizzo

marketing and communication

Jerry Bishop


Relations with public authorities

Giovanni Pesce

Giovanni pesce

logistic and territory

Jerry Bishop

Angelo ippolito

contractual terms and business

La Rete 2Sea

The 2sea network



Establishing a business plan in an area is a process that starts with intuition. It becomes a reality with a solid planning structure but also thanks to an in-depth knowledge of local dynamics, stakeholders and the relationships network. The 2S association helps you in the planning phase, indicating financial, administrative, relational and logistic paths for the success of every project.

Logistics and administrative consultancy

The search for sites in which it is possible the development of economic activities of production and services;

Technical and administrative assistance in the construction, renovation and adaptation of buildings to corporate purposes and to implementing regulations;

The study of scenarios, for special production, transport or loading needs and for the optimal use of existing infrastructures.

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